No Exit?

There might be a shortcut out of the purcatory of malwarial purgatory.  It involves the Google toolbar.  I’ll be working on this later today, after I finish applying for jobs.

Also, I have a headache.

I did open a new Twitter account — — Viral Connor — since my other account seems to be under endless review.

I’m a little frustrated at the Twitter situation.  I understand the situation at Google; I really would rather the major search engines employ a strict standard of safety at my inconvenience.  It’s “herd protection,” like immunizations, and if I’m the odd one getting sick from a flu vaccine this time around, that’s a worthwhile sacrifice.  Twitter, though, is a different situation.  It would seem to me that the “suspicious activity” could only take the form of links to my blog or website on my profile or my account.  I’m just an ordinary Twitterer and this should be easy to verify via Google (and, taking a glance at my posts, common sense).  I don’t know why this is taking over a week to resolve.

Who knows.  Perhaps after my regular Twitter account is normalized I’ll continue to post as viralconnor.  It could be my id, my unseelie self, prone to dark and demoniac notions.


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