Event: The Marketplace of Ideas?

My brother, who lives in England, told me about this. So I still think that the “marketplace of ideas” is one free-market that works the way it’s supposed to. If this guy had been allowed to distribute his anti-Semitic rants in 1997, maybe this week’s election would have had a different outcome? I’m curious what you think…

A Rightist Harnesses British Discontent

Since I’m still getting used to this blog, let’s try a poll:


2 Responses to “Event: The Marketplace of Ideas?”

  1. Cody Says:

    I don’t think allowing the anti-semitic writings to be published would have swayed the vote last week. I think it’s (oddly perhaps) unrelated due to cultural reasons:

    1. In Europe (and Britain esp.) you don’t vote for people; you vote for parties. For that reason, even if Griffin had buried himself by proclaiming his true beliefs 10 years ago, there would still be a BNP, and a different person to fill his shoes.

    2. Britain is still class-conscious, and (sadly) some people who regard themselves as Working Class identify more with the BNP than the Tories – not on idealogical grounds, but simply on class status.

    Regarding hate-speech etc., I was fascinated with Griffin’s comments after the election. He imagined it as a victory for democracy, indicating that as duly elected, he has a right to serve. However, the voting is only half of democracy. Having access to honest information in order to make an informed decision is the other half, and naturally the BNP were very selective in their campaign.

  2. Connor Says:

    Of course, the day after I posted this there was a shooting at the holocaust museum in D.C. by an 88-year old white supremicist. So the marketplace of ideas has limitations like anything else. Not enough to change my mind, but more than many policy debates, I think that this one has built-in ambiguities that will keep it from going away any time remotely soon.

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