Gemma Talks Religion in Ghana

I’m perpetually behind in everything, but a couple weeks ago Gemma posted this really neat story of a discussion she had in Ghana:

Madame,  You Must Be Joking!


One Response to “Gemma Talks Religion in Ghana”

  1. Curlydog Says:

    What a touching, insightful account of parochial views encountering a broader paradigm. These young Ghanaian’s attitude reminds me, not only, of my own epiphanies growing up in small town America in the nineteen fifties, but of others encountering previously unimagined ideas in freshman philosophy courses at UofM-Flint.
    We should take warning in our own surprise at encountering what seem to us as limited perspectives, to not assume that our own perspectives are unlimited.

    BTW Connor – Has you Blue Skies Falling site been un-blacklisted?

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